Boy Experiences a Supernatural Growth Spurt

On Saturday, I had my arm raised waiting for someone to pray for, among team members who were praying for people. A married couple came to me with their young boy, Gustavo, whom they said had stunted growth. I got down on one knee and talked with him. His friends at school would make fun of him because he was much shorter than they were. I asked how tall he would like to be when he grows up. 6ft? He nodded. I had him stand with his back against a nearby pillar. I put my finger into a chip that marked his height. I asked if he would like Jesus to make him taller. He smiled and nodded. He sat down in a front row chair and straightened his legs. I took his feet in my palms and began to pray. He looked at his legs and his eyes widened in surprise. I asked him what was going on in his body. He said his legs were growing! I felt his legs pulsing toward me incrementally. I said, “if he grows any faster, he’s going to knock me over!” I asked him to stand up against the pillar again. When he did my interpreter gasped with her hands over her mouth in surprise. People around me were seeing growth results, but the Lord hid this from me at the time. I had him sit down again and continued to pray for complete healing in his body resulting in normal body growth. He pointed to his knees saying he felt his legs growing in his knees. I had him stand one more time against the pillar. His mom was crying, she was so happy. Nic, Global Awakening staff, witnessed several centimeters of growth had taken place. During the 2nd worship service which thereafter took place, his mom and dad, who were sitting in front of me, were taking turns massaging the boy’s legs like he was going through a normal growth spurt. Thank you Jesus! Following is the video link of Nic sharing his account of what happened.

– Paul, Truck Driver

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