Brain Tumor Almost Completely Shrinks

I had a word of knowledge about brain tumors. One old woman who came had had some of the tumor removed and then one chemo treatment. The chemo had had a good effect, but there was still some of the tumor left (by the size of around two centimeters). I prayed and the first time she checked it went from 2 to 1.5 centimeters. I prayed many times and some of the times she checked it got around two millimeters smaller. Torsten joined in the prayer at this point and it kept on shrinking over time.

Just before we had to leave for the bus, Torsten had an image of God doing an operation with two laser beams of light and love, destroying what was left of the tumor. We encouraged her to keep this image in her imagination as we prayed a last time. When she checked, the tumor had diminished to around five millimeters. We encouraged her to keep the image of God’s laser beams in her imagination when she went to bed and prayed that God would finish the operation until the tumor was totally gone. She smiled, hugged us and the interpreter and thanked us a lot.

– Helene 

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