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Brazil – Sciolosis Straightened

 When the team was released to pray, the people swelled at the altar area. I quickly noticed a young couple a few people back in the crowd who were coming for prayer. I sensed the Lord say to pray for them first. A translator came by and I motioned for the young couple to come over for prayer.

As I began to interview them, the woman informed the translator and me that she had one leg shorter than the other, had curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and they also desired prayer to have a child. I suspected that her leg length might be affecting her scoliosis and so I asked her to sit in a chair in order to pray that the leg would lengthen (or adjust to the right length). She agreed, and almost as soon as we started praying for her, the Holy Spirit came on her in power. She began to weep and shake as her leg began to adjust to the same length as the other leg – it lengthened about one inch. I asked her husband to watch, in order to verify what we all saw, and then had the woman stand to test it out. Immediately she knew that she had been healed and was very excited, was crying and praising Jesus.

We then began to pray for her back to straighten, within just a couple of minutes she exclaimed that her back was different, and she began to reach around to feel the back and check her spine. Once again, she began to cry and praise God, for her back was now straight and she knew something significant had happened. I had her husband come behind her and feel the back to verify, and he too confirmed the healing of her back. We then agreed together in prayer for them to have children, and I have this sense they will have a quiver full! God is amazing; he loves to release His love and glory upon us. ~Bob

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