Brazil – Electric Shock

Prayed for a young man who had suffered from electric shock going through his body ten years ago which left him with chest pain (heart pain) and pain when he breathes through his mouth. He has been suffering from this pain for ten years. I first prayed for healing of his heart/chest pain (after asking the Holy Spirit to come). He felt heat in his chest and 80% healed. I prayed again for completion (100%).
He got 100%. I then prayed for healing for his respiratory system. I stopped to ask if he was feeling anything. He said he felt like his right foot was on fire. I said, “That means the Holy Spirit is doing something.” So, I thanked the Lord for what He was doing and asked for total healing of his body—from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He then told me he had no more pain and was healed 100%.
We blessed him and his family in Jesus’ name. The interpreter said the Lord revealed something to her and gave her a picture of something about this man’s heart and asked if she could share this with him and pray with him about it. I said, “Of course.” She said God showed her that this young man’s heart was full of sadness because of much trouble in his family and God wants to reassure him that God can change things in his family and to keep praying and seeking God.

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