Brazil – 13 Year Old Legally Blind

The 1st person I prayed for was a 13year old who was wearing coke bottle glasses. He was legally blind in both eyes. I prayed for him and when he opened his eyes he was startled and said “Wow! I can see better, but not far.” I prayed again and when he opened his eyes, he was startled again and said he could see better. I prayed for the 3rd time and he was so excited when he opened up his eyes. From over 30 feet away, he was able to read a poster on the wall without glasses. Next, I prayed for a man with oppression and severe pain in his liver as well as hepatitis C. His15 abdomen was thrashing back and forth as I prayed. He began coughing and spitting up and he said he felt the fire of God cleanse his body. He was then filled with extreme joy and peace. His girlfriend had similar issues. She was being tormented by demonic dreams and was afflicted with
pancreatitis. As I prayed she started weeping as she too felt God’s Holy fire cleanse her and remove all pain. She also felt the overwhelming peace and extreme joy. Both were crying with extreme joy and praising Jesus!

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