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Brazil – Back Healed during Treasure Hunt

Today our team of eight went on a treasure hunt.  A treasure hunt is receiving specific “clues” (words of knowledge) from the Lord to identify a specific person He wants to heal or bless.  Our team started out by asking Holy Spirit for words – identifiers such as names, colors, places, situations, ailments, anything that might highlight the person.  Our team had several marking identifiers i.e. yellow shirt, broken heart, the name John.  However there were individual words of “black shorts”, “sports cap”, “Fabio” and several others along with me received but not shared until later.  We then began our adventure. 

There was a man with yellow striped shirt and black shorts.  We decided to approach him and see.  Our interpreter approached him to explain what we were doing and would he be a good sport and give us a few minutes.  We got some confirmation with name, etc, it was him.  The team prayed for his back which he confirmed felt less pain and then allowed the team to pray blessing and encouragement over him.  He spoke with our interpreter and accepted an invitation from him to visit his small “life group”.  We parted with joy, knowing he received a blessing from the Lord.  What we found out later when we joined up with our other team members is they too ran into him later and he confirmed to them he did “experience the Lord’s presence.”  God is good! ~Merry
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