Leg Grows Out

An 11 year old girl, who was brought to the service by her aunt and she lives with her grandmother. She is deaf in her left ear, had very poor eyesight (she had to be about 2 feet from the TV to watch) and her right foot was 2cm shorter than her left. All due to a virus while she was in her mother’s womb. 

Her father was abusive to her mother and her mother left and lives in another city. So we prayed to break the ties of her mother and father and covered her by her guardian aunt. I started praying for her left ear that was totally deaf and she could hear (not sure of 100%) then prayed for her eyes to be clear and without her glasses she could read the writing on a shirt at about 10 ft. but not 100% yet. Then I sat her down held her feet and commanded her leg to grow in Jesus name and it did! – . – Ken, Ironworker

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