Brazil – Young Man with Metal in his Shoulder

A young man, who has metal in his shoulder from an accident, came for prayer. He fell and broke his shoulder over six months ago and was still having pain. He said the pain in his chest was due to fasting for 21 days without a supervised diet, and now the pressure from his shoulder was also causing pressure on the nerve and arteries leading to the heart. I interviewed him to find out if someone has caused him to have this
accident, and he said no. I asked him if I could touch his shoulder and he said lightly because he was very painful. I then touched his left shoulder where the metal was implanted, and to my surprise, it felt funny and out of place. I then called upon Jesus with his healing power, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come with his healing fire. The young man started to cry, then he laughed, then he said, “The pain in the chest was gone”, I continue to assure him of the love of God and the great plans God has for him, I felt his shoulder became normal, I looked at his face, and saw the peace of God come over him, and realized he was healed. He said he felt the lump from his shoulder vanished. We both cried and praised God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I
asked him to see his doctor for confirmation.

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