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Brazil – Cancerous Tumor

The next person was a middle aged lady. She took my hand and put it on her left hip and there was a tumor, the size of a baseball. She said that she visited her doctor and they advised her that it was a cancerous tumor which has now spread all over her body inside. I interviewed her, and asked her if there was any other member in her family with cancer in the past. She said her mother and her aunt died of cancer. I realized that
her case was generational, I then broke the spirit of cancer from her blood line, and command the body to heal in the name of Jesus, I asked the Holy Spirit to be present with his power to heal and to burn the area where the cancer was. The lady cried out, and fell to the floor, and said the area of the tumor was on fire. I continue to minister to her on the floor, and advised her of the Love of the Father, and the plan he has for her
life, and that nothing is impossible for him, he can heal anybody. When I helped her off the floor, I saw the peace of God in her face, and I rested my hand were the tumor was, and it was gone. We hugged, we laughed, we cried and together praised God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the great things he had done unto her. I asked her to visit her doctor for confirmation.

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