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Brazil – Back Pain for over a year

Prayed for a person on a phone that has back pain for more than a year. It was one of the more pronounced words of knowledge spoken by Tom Jones. On the phone before praying, I shared 2 testimonies that happened at the crusade about people walking out of the wheel chair and metal plates melting and having full healing. Then when I started to pray I asked the person to put her hand on the back and started to command the muscles to relax, for the veins and bones to be healed in Jesus name. I asked if she felt anything and asked her to move around and check the problem, she said she felt better. Then again faith increased and prayed again. Commanded pain to leave and commanded Holy Spirit to heal her in Jesus name. Next I prayed in tongues for 30 seconds and the Holy Spirit said to check her. She said the pain was totally gone and she felt fully rested lying on a bed. Felt totally healed. Then the lady who asked for the prayer explained that the pain was caused by a tumor. WOW,

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