Brazil- Deafness Healed

This was at the Logos church Wednesday night. I prayed for a young man in his 20s, who was almost completely deaf in his left ear and partially deaf in his right. His hearing had slowly deteriorated since he was a young boy. He was very soft spoken and demure in his interaction with us. His mother and two sisters were with him eager to see him healed.

With my interpreter we prayed several times, five times, with little results. I told him that I wanted to pray for him the next night, to come and find me. He nodded and left. His sisters thanked us with tears in their eyes.

Tuesday night he appeared out of nowhere. I had already prayed for several during impartation. He was with his mom. This night my interpreter was eager to interpret and participate in the prayer times. As soon as we prayed this time, he went out and down. While he was down we prayed for a couple of other people. When he rose, we asked, “what happened?” He said, “I hear a beam of sound in my left ear.”   He smiled. We attacked that deafness and after three times he had 80% hearing in that ear and some improvement in his right! His oldest sister came and celebrated with us. His mom was crying and hugging me and talking a lot. Something about how wonderful our team was and how much she loved us for coming. My interpreter was touched by this healing also. He hugged me for a long time and asked for impartation for healing gift!

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