Brazil – Anxiety and Headache Relieved

During the down time today, I got low and pressed in for the presence. During this time, I kept experiencing arm and chest pain, as if I was having a heart attack. I knew that this was not the case and prayed against any anxiety attacks. When it did not leave at command in the name of Jesus I wondered if it was a work of knowledge. At the service I spoke about the pain, but no one stood up. Later a woman came to me who was suffering from anxiety disorder that inhibited her ability to work. 

As I began praying for the anxiety and against the fear, commanding it to be gone. She began experiencing severe headaches. I immediately began speaking love over her and humming and praying in the spirit. Her face began to clear and she stated that the headache was completely gone. After the service she brought her daughter to meet me and thank me. Her daughter was able to SEE the difference in her mother. Praise God for the healing. ~Robyn

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