Brazil – Breaking Down the Walls

This morning at the rehab center, I was so blessed by the genuine welcome from the guys. During worship, I so felt the presence of the Lord – stronger than anywhere else we’d been. I loved hearing the guys sing from the bottom of their heart. The reality of Jesus as King seemed very real in their hearts. During prayer, a gentleman came up to us and we didn’t have an interpreter so we just started praying generally for him. He seemed very hard, very closed. He just stood with his eyes wide open and blank- staring into the distance. Joe and I prayed for him. I prayed for breakthrough sensing that there was a block.

When an interpreter came, we asked him what he wanted prayer for and he said his family. We asked if there was anything for himself, he said no – just his family. We prayed that. After a while (when I’m sure he wanted to be done), Lois Burgher came by and we indicated we would love her help. Bruno, her interpreter said the Lord showed him that he had built a wall around himself. He built the wall to protect himself so that he wouldn’t be hurt again. So the interpreter shared this with the man and told him that the Holy Spirit wouldnever hurt him. That he could take down the walls and let the Lord in because His Father loved him and would never leave him. Lois began to speak life over him, hope, and perfect love casting out all fear. At this point, I could see the shift in the man’s face. The change was so touching to see. He softened and you could tell the Lord was touching him. Lois had him renounce death and speak out “I want to live”. It was so awesome. At the end, we asked how he was feeling.

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