Brazil – Couple’s Ears Opened

While we were worshipping I saw a yellowish ear in an open gift box and I saw a person wearing a white gown (I did not see the face, but believe it was Jesus).  There was a couple and an elderly lady sitting in front of me and they were using sign language. 

When Tom asked us to hold hands and pray I purposely went up and held the husband’s hand on my right hand and held the wife’s hand with my left hand.  I prayed for both of their ears to be open.  After prayer, the husband’s right ear could hear a little bit (he showed me he could hear the worship music) and the wife’s left ear also opened a little (she showed me a little sign).  After the fire tunnel I went over to pray for this couple three to four times (for each one).  Each time their ears opened up a little.  Eventually, both ears in both husband’s and wife’s ears were open.  They could hear when I clapped my hands behind them.  They showed me each time I prayed their hearing increased a little bit.  But I don’t know how much percentage their ears were opened. ~Phyllis

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