Brazil – Cyst Recedes and Shoulder Pain Leaves

A woman, possibly in her early 30s, had ovarian cysts for three years with so much pain, it hurt to simply touch the area.  I prayed by commanding the pain to leave, along with the cysts to leave also.  She said that almost all the pain left, so we gave God glory and asked for complete healing.  As I prayed again, she started to press on her abdomen quite aggressively and in several areas, almost as if she was searching for the cysts. I asked if the pain left, she said completely and added she couldn’t feel the cysts anymore! 

She also had a knot on her left shoulder, and couldn’t raise her arm, even to shoulder height without pain for one year.  She had asked for prayer for the cysts first, and I told her now God can heal your shoulder too.  I prayed for the knot to leave and pain to go away in Portuguese.  I then grabbed her hand and asked her to lift her arm, and she did completely, above her head with no pain, and the hurt completely left also.  I asked if she would be willing to be interviewed and she declined. ~Dennis

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