Global Awakening

Brazil – Family Restored and Healed

Rex had preached the father’s love and had us give hugs to everyone as the Father embracing them. A woman I hugged asked for prayer for her family. They had been very distant from each other and she desired them to know God more. I asked if they were there and her husband and one daughter were. She called them up and I hugged each one and then prayed for them as a family unit. 

While praying for unity them, and for God’s love to flood them and draw them closer together, the Lord told me that someone had back pain. It was the father.  God told me it was from carrying the burden of his family on his own shoulders and not trusting God to take care of them as a family. He released this to the Lord and you could see the stress leave his face. His back pain left and the whole family praised God. (I saw this family again the following night in the fire tunnel that Will Hart called – they were smiling and looked full of peace and joy!) ~Mary

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