Brazil – Foot Healed after Car Accident

>Members of the team who had words of knowledge were asked to come up on the stage. At first, I stayed seated but then I asked the Lord and I saw a right ankle that had had surgery but it had not healed properly and the man was in pain. A young man stood up with that word and I was greatly encouraged by that.

When Carter asked God to heal those who stood up (3 times) the man did not indicate that the pain was healed. So I made up my mind to find him right away when we were ministering individually. I did and I got an interpreter to help me minister to him. After I had given the word, the Lord told me that this had happened in a car accident. I asked him if this was true and he said yes, a car had run over his foot. The ligament on the outside of his shin was torn, he had had surgery on the ligament but the pain persisted. He said that when he rolled his foot to the side the pain would go from a constant level of 2 out of 10 to a level of 5. I bent down and prayed for him and then a short while later I asked him to test it. He smiled so big when he rolled his ankle to test and then he said that he had endured constant pain for years and now it was completely gone. Go God!!! ~Chip

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