Brazil – Forearm Pain from Metal Screws and Plates

I am a Pastor from Arizona who is 50 years old. This is my first trip with Global. Today I had the privilege of seeing a young man who had metal in his body healed of the pain after 10 years.

Jacob who is now 24 years old, broke his left forearm play soccer when he was 14 years old. Both bones were completely broken which is why it required surgery and plates. He was in constant pain after the surgery. There were no particular mobility issues in that forearm but he emphasized that the pain was constant.Two years ago, he discovered that one of the bones was broken again and that is when another plate was added with 6 screws. I tried to feel the screws in his arm.

I could not feel the screws but I could feel the metal plates.I only prayed one time, a very simple prayer – a command for the pain to leave his arm in the name of Jesus.  After praying I asked him to check his arm and after moving it around by twisting left and right and then testing his wrist back and forth and side to side, he suddenly looked up and me and said, “The pain is gone.” I wasn’t sure that I heard him correctly so while making hand gestures, I asked him, “Pain totally gone?” With a big grin, he nodded up and down, “Yes, it’s gone!”We hugged and clapped and I grabbed his arm, his other arm, and pulled him up to the stage to share this miracle of healing with Randy and the Pastor of the host church. ~Chip

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