Brazil – Inner Ear and Hearing Restored

My team, the A team, was with our leader, Al Jones and Carter wood for the two evening service. I prayed for a young woman who was totally deaf in her left ear. She roughly explained that she had somehow injured her ear, and part of the treatment involved hearing the inner parts of the ear. As a result the mechanical part of the ear was in a sense frozen together and she completely lost her hearing in it.

I prayed a short prayer, come Holy Spirit and restore her hearing, and I called down from the storehouse in heaven, for new internal parts for her ear. I then commanded her ear to be healed in Jesus’ name, I then snapped my fingers by her ear, and she could immediately hear! I asked how well in comparison to her other ear and she responded 80% maybe 100%. I thanked God giving him glory and prayed again for complete healing and she said it definitely was equal in hearing ability to her right ear. Praise Jesus! ~Dennis

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