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Brazil – Leg with Metal Restored after 10 Years

I received another word of knowledge of a man with a cane and a problem with the right leg. Later, while the team was laying hands on the sick and praying for healing, an older man, Louis, worked his way through the crowd to me. He had a cane and was walking with a slight limp in his right leg. He explained to my translator that 10 years prior he was in an accident which required the insertion of a metal rod and screws in his legs. Louis explained that prior to hearing the word and receiving more prayer, he was unable to bend his leg at the knee or walk up stairs and was in constant pain in the leg.

When the word of knowledge was given, he stood in faith believing for his healing. He said that he received about 70% healing, being able to move and bend his knee unlike before and the pain was reduced. I prayed for him for a few more minutes, he regained even more mobility to his knee and the pain was now gone. He was now able to move his knee with ease and we walked him up the stairs to the platform, Louis believed he was 80% or more healed. We had him walk up and down the stairs three times, and he was able to do it on his own with just slight assistance with his cane. He was very grateful for our ministry, and was rejoicing in what God had just done for him. ~Bob

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