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Brazil – Swelling in Hand Reduced

A couple came for prayer. The husband had a sore back (upper right) from over lifting that week. He also had increasingly sore and swollen joints in both hands. The pain and swelling in his hands were steadily getting worse over the past year. It was adversely affecting his work at this point. I commanded pain to go, swelling to leave and for complete healing. He broke into a heavy sweat while praying. After repeating prayer commands and re-interviewing 3 times – He was 50%, 70% then 100% pain free and the swelling had been reduced 80%.

Then I prayed for and commanded the pain to go in his upper back. He was 100% pain free on first prayer. The couple had been taking birth control medication in past, but for the last 3 years they had discontinued the medication and had been trying to get pregnant. She asked for prayer to get pregnant with a healthy baby. I started praying to bless her and command new life into the uterus. She fell to floor under power of God. I continued to command life into the womb and for fruitfulness and to bless her and her family. We’ll know results in 9 months! ~Dave

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