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Brazil – Pain Caused by Scorpion Bite Healed

This is regarding a word of knowledge given through a dream, in fact, a nap between the am and pm services. I dreamt that a person walked upon a scorpion and it took them by surprise. In service that evening I shared the word of knowledge by faith because it seemed quite unusual. I didn’t see anyone stand up, so I forgot about it. The next day a team member was asking a leader who gave that word of knowledge. I got wind and asked what happened. 

A young lady with local connection stood up and began experiencing pain in the leg so severe that the team members went to pray for her. She explained that she was bitten by a scorpion 6yrs. ago. She had walked forward and accidently stepped on the scorpion. It had caught her by surprise and she kicked it. The pain was like the stab of a hot knife. Her past lifestyle was revealed and renounced during the prayer. She then saw a ball and chain I’m told. The spirit of bondage was broken and the pain left. ~Adrienne
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