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Sweden/England – Pain from Prosthetic Hip Healed

During the ministry time a woman came to me, no English so my friend from Tanzania translated. She had pain in her back, hip, and knee; her legs were different lengths. I asked if it was an accident and she said yes. So I explained I would be kicking out a spirit of trauma. Then God had me ask her if she felt badly that she had fallen, and she said yes. I led her in a prayer to forgive herself after explaining that unforgiveness is one of the biggest impediments to healing.

Then I kicked out a spirit of shame. She is a real feeler and God was all over her. We then checked her legs and commanded them to grow. She was seated during all of this as we had tested the imbalance of her leg growth earlier. Now they we close. Commanded them to get in alignment. That happened. We had her stand and she felt better but there was a bit more. We reminded her that God is not a part way God and we said 100%. And commanded the pain to go. She was then 100% pain free. Turns out her leg and hip area are prosthetic so this whole episode was amazing. We were told to clap 15 times if there was a healing then Randy called us up to testify. ~Jill

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