Brazil – Spiritual Breakthrough, Arthritis Healed

“I had been praying for my husband to receive a breakthrough just as I have. I’ve received so much on this trip and I wanted to go home and know that my husband and I are growing together I received an email from my husband that said that he had made an appointment with a pastor to down load the information I’d shared and process it. During the prayer time he received a vision of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Then he started receiving prophetic words! God has no boundaries and He hears our prayers. A lady approached and started explaining what was wrong, the Holy Spirit showed me it was arthritis. I looked down and she showed us it was in her hands. You could see the swelling. It was three times the normal sized her hands should be. We started praying and nothing happened. I felt impressed on my heart that forgiveness was the issue. She said yes. We prayed and she forgave; instantly I felt the swelling go down! I asked her how her hands felt; she said they were 80% better. So we asked the Lord for 100%. He moved through her hands into her finger tips and we all watched amazed as her hands returned to normal size and completely pain free.”


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