Brazil – Stung by a Sting Ray

A younger woman walked up to me, and said she had a lot of pain under her arm. She told me that when pain would set in that it would begin to pulse to other areas like her stomach, breast,and lower back. At first I thought that it may be a spirit of affliction, but that thought didn’t clickwith my spirit, so I asked if there was any kind of traumatic event when the pain started. She said “yes, about 5 years ago I was stung by a sting ray 2 inches below my heart. It messed up my nervous system and it has hurt off and on ever since.” So I just prayed that her nervous system would come into alignment and that pain would leave her body. I sensed that she was stressed and tense so I prayed for peace, and release from stress. When I prayed for that I felt fire in my back and it moved into my shoulders then down my arms until it got to her hands which I was holding. When I felt the fire leave my body and go into hers, she started really sobbing. After a little bit I ask her what she was feeling and she said that she felt peace, rest, and freedom. Now keep in mind that I didn’t have my translator translate any of my prayers to Portuguese. Then I ask about the pain and she gave me a look like “duh” and said that her side felt perfectly /normal and didn’t have any pain! She was very happy and blessed!

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