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Brazil – Emotional Healing Through Forgiveness

I prayed for a young woman with a drug addiction. She had come up for prayer because her mentor said she should. She appeared to just be there to go along with the motions. But then God showed me her deep pain and I asked who had hurt her. She looked up at me and her eyes flooded with tears. She said it was her father. I used the same hand signals as I had earlier in the week with another woman regarding forgiveness and had the translator explain what I was saying. 

I used hand signals to demonstrate how our hearts are wide open when we trust someone, and then when they hurt us suddenly, the pain can go very deep because our hearts were so open and trusting. Then when the pain comes into our heart, we clamp it shut and vow never to trust again. And then I told her that she continues to medicate with drugs to numb her pain.

But that God wanted her to pry open her heart (although it would be very hard to do) and entrust her pain to God. And by opening her heart she would pray to release her father and her pain to God and ask him to heal her heart. She agreed and I led her in a prayer of forgiveness and to renounce the inner vow to never trust anyone again. Her entire countenance changed and you could see peace flood her soul! She then commanded the spirit of addiction to leave her and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her to overflowing! ~Mary

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