Brazil – Tumor under Arm Disappears

I saw a young girl sitting in the seats so went up to her and asked if she wanted prayer. She said yes and motioned to her shoulder. I thought she wanted prayer for that. I prayed and asked how she was feeling. She put her hand under her arm and shook her head “no”. I asked if she had a tumor and she said “no”. I felt that she did so I found an interpreter and discovered that she did have a tumor in the armpit area.

I prayed “Come, Holy Spirit” and asked the Lord to heal her in name of Jesus. I then asked what was going on. She felt under her arm, her eyes got big and said that there was almost nothing there; the tumor was very small. I thanked the Lord for what He was doing and asked for 100% healing. She checked again and it was so small she could hardly feel it. Her mother checked it and couldn’t find it! We thanked Jesus for this healing. ~Jerri

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