Brazil – Wake boarder Touched by Prophetic Art

We each were given a blank piece of paper and told to seek God about what to draw. Then we would go out on the streets and ask God who our picture was for. God had me draw a man on a wakeboard with a big spray of water “in his wake”, and the fruit of the spirit being sprayed out as he went by (I had someone write them in Portuguese for me). The spray also formed a “net” and was bringing in a harvest into the Kingdom. God told me the pic would be for a young man who surfs or wakeboards. 

Very shortly after we started on our outreach, a teammate suggested we cross the street and go to a bus stop. At the bus stop we encountered a woman who saw us approach someone for prayer. She came to us stating she needed prayer. She had kidney stones, consequently experiencing great difficulty walking, and after we prayed, she was healed. The amazing thing was she didn’t usually ride this particular bus. She felt she had been called by God to switch from her usual route! Immediately I turned around and saw a store behind the bus stop. THE SIGN ON THE STORE SHOWS A MAN ON A WAKEBOARD JUST LIKE MY PICTURE I DREW! So we knew God had us in the right place!

We prayed and started asking God to show us who it was we were to share it with. We asked several young men, but none of them were surfers or wake-boarders. But suddenly……WE FOUND HIM! I shared the picture God had me draw and how God, in His great love, had me draw it specifically for him, and then sent us to come to find him to pray and encourage him! I told him how God wanted to use him to bring in a harvest through his life… the rest of the team prayed with him too. HE WAS VERY TOUCHED BY GOD!!! We gave him the picture to keep as a reminder. GOD IS AMAZING! ~Mary

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