Brazil – Woman forgiving Daddy

A young woman, about 20 years old, approached me for prayer. Tears were starting to well up in her  eyes from the start. She said she had two prayer requests. One for the back of the neck and the second (she now began to weep quite hard) was that she felt God did not love her because He allowed her dad to abuse her and her sisters. It wasn’t long in the interview when I figured the first prayer request was directly related to her second request. She explained the rejection of love caused her to want to look down all the time—she didn’t want anyone to look at her. I said “I am so sorry this happened!” I explained not everything that happens to us is from God and recited John 10:10 to her. I then said my flesh is angry that this happened, but to stay in the river of God’s grace where the blessings flow she should consider forgiving her dad and giving him and their relationship over to God, and that unforgiveness is not of God, but of the enemy. She cried more, and as she wept, I explained forgiveness would “release” her and the situation over to God so the Kingdom can come and make things right. I quoted Matthew 6:14 & 15 as well.

She said, “Yes, I will forgive him.” I led her in the prayer of forgiveness toward her father, then repentance of allowing unforgiveness to dwell in her; we renounced the spirit of unforgiveness and cast it out, never to return. We then thanked and praised God for His forgiveness and love. I hugged her tightly and she cried for a while longer. I asked the Holy Spirit to fill her up with His Person and with His love. She thought we were done, but I asked if she wanted a healing prayer. She said, “Very much!” It went quickly, as I commanded pain to leave and her cervical vertebrae to be healed in Jesus’ name. She felt a wind on her neck and a heavy weight lifted from her shoulders. She could move her head and tilt it in all directions without pain! Hallelujah! God is so good! She was smiling ear to ear and I reminded her that if the devil comes back with shame, to declare, “I am the righteousness of God; He loves me, shut up devil!” Praise God all day long was my last advice!

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