Brazil – Young Girl’s Feet Straightened

We came into Randy’s service after serving at the evening services with Carter and Al, just in time for healing prayer. A man with a small girl, possibly 2-3 years old, in his arms came to me for prayer. His daughter’s left foot was turned in with the inside arch area facing up somewhat. He said when she walked the foot turns over on its outside edge.

My daughter had a similar ailment with both feet but instead they rolled to the inside. I grabbed her foot and noticed it immediately felt very pliable, and I could straighten it, but it returned to the abnormal shape. I prayed a quick prayer, commanding it to straighten. I moved the foot and this time it easily moved to the left beyond straight quite easily. I knew she was healed. I told the father to put her down and let her walk. As soon as she stood her foot was completely straight ahead and the arch pointing down likes normal. She was able to walk without any issue at all. The father could hardly believe his eyes were seeing his little girl healed. He was so happy. Thank you Jesus! ~Dennis

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