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Young Man’s Hearing Restored From Deafness

I saw a family close to me that was signing to a young man. I approached them to inquire of his condition; assuming he was at least partially deaf. It turned out that he had been completely deaf since birth. I didn’t feel any particular anointing to pray, but I did sense God wanted me to so I went out of obedience and the desire that was welling up in me.

I had the interpreter inform the young man’s mother, who was signing to him, that I was going to pray for his ears to open, and for her to explain it to him. First I prayed for God’s peace to fall on him believing he would be more relaxed and ready to receive, and he was very receptive. I then asked the Holy Spirit to come, and then commanded his ears to open, and I snapped my fingers by his left ear, then his right ear. The young man immediately reacted, as did all those gathered around reacted to his reaction. He signaled that he could hear in the left ear. I then prayed again, giving glory to God thanking Him and commanded the right ear to open, snapped my fingers again next to both ears and the right one opened with the left opening more.

I asked him how much could he hear and he motioned with his fingers maybe ½ inch at first, eventually increasing to about ¾ inches. He had come up for prayer again at the end of the service and several others prayed for him from the team, with his hearing about constantly improving, even when no one was praying for him. One of my interpreters brought a young girl that said her ears were on fire, and that she thought she should pray for someone with ear issues. So I found the young man we had prayed for and had the young girl pray for him, and his hearing continued to improve. I asked Victor (the young man), how much he could hear now, and he showed the 3-4 inches sing but spread his arms out and said he wanted to hear this much. We encouraged him to keep seeking prayed and believed God will complete what he has started. Amazing God! ~Dennis

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