Brazil – Young Woman Receives Emotional Healing

A young woman came for prayer for a cyst on her back. While praying for physical healing, the Lord let me feel her sadness. I had the translator ask her if she was sad. She looked at me and began to cry. I asked who hurt her. She said she was hurt by some church leaders at another church. I had the translator translate while I used hand signals to demonstrate how our hearts are wide open when we trust someone, and then when they hurt us suddenly, the pain can go very deep because our hearts were so open and trusting. 

Then when the pain comes into our heart, we clamp it shut and vow never to trust again. But that God wanted her to pry open her heart (although it would be very hard to do) and entrust her pain to God. And by opening her heart she would pray to release these people to God and her pain to God and ask him to heal her heart.She agreed and I led her in a prayer of forgiveness and to renounce the inner vow to never trust anyone again. Her entire countenance changed and you could see peace flood her soul!

The cyst still remained but we prayed for the blood of Jesus to squeeze the life out of the cyst and bring healing, and prayed it would eventually dissolve completely and that she should claim her healing every day. (She saw me three nights later at Verbo Vivo and came running up to me and gave me a big hug… she looked like a new person… smiling and full of peace/joy! The cyst was still there but we prayed again for it to dissolve and to eventually disappear completely. I reminded her to claim her healing everyday!) ~Mary

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