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Brazil – Young Woman Fighting Depression

Prayed for a young woman who has been diagnosed with depression for the last year and a half and was put on medication for it because she had insomnia. She got weak and off balance (so we assisted her to sit on the steps) as I prayed for her. She said it was the Holy Spirit (she felt much peace). Her countenance changed and she felt overwhelmed by peace. I had prayed binding depression, anxiety and fear and loosed God’s peace. I prayed for deep sleep and an impartation of revelatory dreams from God (also healing dreams from the Lord). I prayed for God to bless her with deep, peaceful sleep tonight and from now on. I also prayed for any chemical imbalances in her body to be healed in Jesus’ name. There was a definite change in her body when the word of knowledge for impartation of revelatory dreams and healing dreams was given.

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