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Breakthrough with a Muslim Family

While visiting the hospital maternity ward, my prayer partner, Cindy, and translator, Jackson, asked a new mama if we could pray for her and her new baby as well as the many others of her family that were by her bedside. She said that it was not allowed in her Muslim faith. Jackson explained that just because we pray for her in Jesus’ name, it doesn’t changer her faith. She said okay. When I laid my hand on her shoulder and started praying, I said I plead the blood of Jesus over her body. A red light immediately glared in my eyes like a blinding red flashlight. I started crying and told Cindy what was happening and finished my prayer.

We went to another mama and I prayed and asked the Lord what the red light meant. Then a Muslim girl in a red shirt from the Muslim family stopped Jackson and said I want to come to your church! Jackson gave her the church phone number and I believe the red light was the red shirt.


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