Breast Tumors Disappear

As Kim was speaking, I was asking God for a word of knowledge of something He wanted to bring healing to (and in case she asked us to come up to give one) and soon after I got pain in my breasts. It lasted about 10 seconds and then it left. During ministry time, an older woman, probably 70ish, came forward for prayer for healing as she had 2 cancerous breast tumors. They weren’t causing pain and I asked if there was any way she would be able to identify if she was receiving healing, so she explained they were identifiable by touch. Because of the word of knowledge I got, my faith was high and so I didn’t even continue an interview beyond that. I commanded the spirit of cancer and spirit of infirmity to leave and for the tumors to shrink and be gone in Jesus name. I asked her if she was feeling anything different in her body. She said she felt like she was trembling. I asked her to check the tumors to see if there were any changes and she said the tumors were soft now (when we started praying, she explained they had been very firm). So, I said, “that’s awesome! Let’s say thank you to Jesus for that and then we will ask for more healing.” So, we thanked Jesus and prayed again, same style of prayer. This time when she checked them, they were not only soft but smaller. We thanked Jesus again and prayed one more time. When she checked them, she said they were totally gone and then she grabbed my hand and proceeded to put it on the spot on the breast where they were to show me, they were gone!!! Hallelujah!!! -Lindsay, Promotions

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