Breathing Restored. Lung Issue Healed

A 53-year-old woman came for prayer for her right lung, which the doctor told her was not pumping well. She had been in pain for eight or nine years. The pain included tightness across her upper chest, shortness of breath, and pain throughout her body, especially in her limbs, hands and feet.

With one hand on her forehead, the other on her upper chest, I asked the Father to send His Holy Spirit in His mighty power to replace the right lung with a new one that would work in perfect unity with her other lung and entire body. She was quickly laid on the ground as the Holy Spirit worked on her. I continued to pray in Jesus’ name for her circulatory system to function as it is meant to, throughout her body and called out, “Freedom, freedom, freedom” over each limb, hand and foot—that every afflicting spirit must leave and not return in Jesus’ name. About 10 minutes later she was helped up. I asked how she was doing. She had a big smile on her face and said her breathing was much improved. – Stephanie, Homemaker, Prayer Leader
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