Bringing the Love of Jesus to Addicts

Today we went to a street in Medellin, Columbia where there were about 25 homeless crack addicts. They were like the walking dead. All were high and some people were sleeping, most were dirty and unkempt. I have never seen such a sad and pathetic condition of human beings. Interesting enough we talked to many of them (except for the one passed out). We asked them if they wanted prayer for any physical ailment.

We prayed for about 10 of them. I was amazed how open and grateful they were. Some of our group told them about the Love of Jesus. Some responded. One guy had a knee problem I prayed for him 2 times. He went back and sat down and kept moving his leg up and down. He had a huge smile on his face apparently he was healed. When we left, he and another guy came up and shook my hand and thanked me. I was amazed. Today Truly many hopeless men experienced the love and power of Jesus through caring people. Is there any better purpose to our life then to bring love to others? Praise God!!! – Joseph

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