Broken Heart Restored

A girl came up to me and said her heart was broken and she would really like to be happy. I asked her what made her so sad and she said that she had only met her mother who lived in the north once, but she had never met her father.  

She had grown up in different homes. I asked her if she had forgiven her parents for abandoning her and she said had but maybe she needed to do that again. She forgave them aloud. Then I commanded the spirit of rejection to get out in Jesus name, as I did this she started to weep. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come in and restore her heart, becoming a healing balm to the pain she had experienced. As she continued to cry and I asked the Holy Spirit to baptize her in his love and show her that He was her Father and would always be with her. She fell to the ground and lay there for a while. When she got up she looked like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and was so happy. She said she felt free. – Gimyana

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