Cancer Healed

Fernanda, a 60-ish woman came in answer to a Word of knowledge for cancer. She had it for a year with pain in the back. I commanded cancer to be bound in the name of Jesus and the life of it to die in Jesus name. I prayed in the Spirit and the Lord said, “Ask her who hurt her”.

When I did, she said her son was mean and hateful to her. I asked her to forgive him and then prayed pain hurt and unforgiveness off of her. When I asked how she was doing, she said she was over half improved, so we prayed again. I sang in tongues over her and asked her what was happening. She said all back pain was gone and she felt lighter and happier. She thought she was healed. We prayed through a total of three different times. Each time she was feeling better and we didn’t want to give up, so we went for the victory. She was all the way healed. I told her she must return to the doctor to confirm the healing and then tell pastor at this church when she gets confirmation. Praise Jesus. – Mary, Retired

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