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Cancer & Pain Leave Woman’s Body

An elderly lady called Mercia came for prayer. She had recently had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour, but she was still in pain all over her body. When I asked her what the degree of her pain was, she said it was at level 10/10.

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded all cancer and pain to leave her body. She began to shake as the Lord touched her. She said she could feel something happening in her feet which then started moving up her body. The pain began to subside, and when I asked her again she said the pain had reduced to 5/10. She was so thrilled with this, praising God, that she was ready to leave with the reduced pain. I encouraged her that actually the Lord wanted to take all of the pain away! So I prayed again and this time the pain completely left her. She was so excited and overwhelmed, calling out praise to God. – Maggie

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