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Caregiver Gets Care

After praying for a woman’s mother and grandmother, the mother’s ankle pain was ~80% less. After about 10 minutes elapsed, the daughter/granddaughter came back to report that a headache and depression came on her in prayer. She appeared to have picked these up while I was praying for her family. In the process of praying for her, she shared that she and her husband served youth or woman (I’m unsure) who have problems (including drug/alcohol recovery) in a house, and she was helping her mom/grandma. We prayed against doing things in her own strength and false responsibility, commanded the pain to go, and other inner healing type prayers. The woman reported no more pain, and then she hugged me. I could tell she needed a healing touch through a prolonged hug (probably 4 minutes). She reported no more pain or sadness, praised God, and shared how she felt so much love for me. She was smiling and had tears in her eyes and was clearly touched by God.     – Angie, Marriage and Family Therapist

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