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Cataracts Go as Eyesight Healed


A woman names Mercedes came for prayer for cataracts in her eyes.  She had been experiencing deteriorating sight for the past year and the doctor had confirmed that she would need an operation.  At the time she could see people when they were 20 feet away, but they were not recognizable – she couldn’t see faces or features at that distance.  We prayed once and then checked. There was no change.  We prayed again and this time she could begin to see some basic features in people’s faces – the shape of their hair around their face and where their eyes were.  We prayed again.


This time she could see all the detail of people’s faces – their eyes, noses, etc. Then she noticed that she could see things like chairs at the end of the stage about 200 feet away that she didn’t even know were there.  Her testimony was that her sight was better now than it was before her cataracts began to form.

– John, Pastor

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