May Mozambique

How do 12 strangers from all over the United States meet in a country they have never been before 9,000 miles from their home and fall in love with the country, it’s people, the poor, the lost, the broken and most importantly each other? That’s what happens when you go with the heart of Jesus

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Kenya Trip Report

The supernatural began as soon as we assembled in the Nairobi airport. While waiting in a very long line to have our visas checked one person declared that the line would part and we would move forward quickly. Within a few minutes an official walked up to the barrier separating us from other processing lines,

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United Kingdom

26 of us travelled from Australia, USA, Iceland, Canada and the United Kingdom excited to partner with Global Awakening and expectant to see God’s Kingdom come in the UK. The journey had not been without difficulty. However with much prayer, the Lord brought us together in Bedford. The trip started with a team dinner and

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Brazil March 2019

Our team of 39 people, representing 5 different countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia and Switzerland) met together the morning of Tuesday, March 19 at the airport in Rio to bus transfer to our hotel in Niteroi, which was located immediately across the street from the beach. For the next 6 days, most of the team

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