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Cluster Migraines Healed!

Blaine asked me to pray for a young woman in her early 20’s who had had headaches on and off for many years. Her medicine was no longer helping the pain and she had an appointment the following week with her doctor.

She was having light reaction and the pain was about an 8, but it wasn’t has bad as they sometimes get. I prayed for Holy Spirit to come. I had my hands on either side of her head and commanded all pain, all light reactions to go in Jesus’ name. I commanded all electrical firings to be restored to normal firings. I commanded the spirit of infirmity to go in Jesus’s name. I stopped as beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. She said the pain was better, about a 6, but the light was still bothering her. Holy Spirit gave the word “cluster headaches”.  So I asked the interpreter to see if she what type of headache she had. She told the interpreter and used her hand and fingers to show us because she didn’t remember the term. By her description and the way she moved her hand to different areas of her head, I said, “Cluster migraines.” Yes, that was it! I put hands back on her head and commanded the spirits of anxiety, depression, stress and oppression to leave now in Jesus’ name. I prayed, “Fill her, Lord, with more fire!” Her eyes opened and I watched a smile begin to form. I waited a minute or so and asked to how she was feeling. She was very, very, hot and electricity was in her head. I explained that was good because that is healing from Jesus. The light sensitivity had gone and the pain was very dull. Thank you, Jesus!! I prayed again for the filling the Holy Spirit, love, joy and peace. I continued with more Lord, more Lord, double it and she went down under the presence. I saw her a while later and she said all pain was gone and she looked directly the lights and no reaction. Yeah, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! I saw her Saturday morning and it was the first time she woke up without a headache in a long time. Thank you, Daddy! You love your kids so much!

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