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“Come Unto Me” & Release of Burdens Brings Healing

We were at the Adonai church praying as a team. Our interpreter brought us a young man about 25 years old who said he had severe shoulder and upper back pain when he sat for long periods. 

We began to pray for healing but after a couple of minutes quit. I said to my wife that I felt the condition was physical but that the pain was due to trying to carry too many life burdens and responsibilities. I felt that the scripture, “Come unto me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest” was relevant and that he needed to give Christ his burden and take up the lighter yoke. She said she felt the same. We shared this with him via the interpreter and had the man visualize doing this as we resumed praying. We had him put the burdens in his hands and give them to Jesus. Regina received a word for him that God didn’t want him to hurt anymore and that He loved him. We had him sitting in a chair to test success. After we finished praying he reported the pain was gone. He remained in the chair for 20 minutes while the Holy Spirit ministered to him. 
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