Bryan Schwartz

bryan schwartz largeAs a second round pick in the NFL draft, Bryan enjoyed a successful NFL career as a middle linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars for five years. Bryan and Diane have been married for twenty-one years and have seven children, three girls and four boys ranging in ages from nineteen down to eight. They currently reside in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where they run and lead Antioch Breakthrough Ministries which focuses on the training up of leaders in multiple arenas of cultural influence (politics, athletics, business, church, entertainment and family).

Bryan and Diane have drawn upon their life experiences and their passion for Christ to plant churches, lead the chaplaincy for the Colorado Rockies, serve on the board of the National Prayer Center in Washington D.C. and see countless marriages and families restored and transformed. Whether it's Congressmen or fathers and mothers, Bryan and Diane desire to help equip and "influence the influencers" to impact their cultures.

Recently they co-founded Family Goals, a nonprofit dedicated to applying the lessons of sports toward creating winning families. They believe that with the right game plan and consistent training, every family can achieve new levels of excellence, happiness, and influence.