Ben Williams

Ben WilliamsBenjamin Williams is an evangelist at heart. After God audibly spoke to him at the age of five to preach the Gospel, he began to do just that. His journey has taken him through completing a two year Master's Commission school of ministry, ​earning a B/A in Evangelism from North Central University and ​completing two years ​of ​the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. He has led a few thousand people to Christ and many others into a deeper encounter with God through prophecy, healings and miracles. His ministry is marked with inspiration and education so that people know with God all things are possible, the "know-how" of partnering with God to do those great things and revelation of living out of their identity in Christ. Benjamin has been a staff pastor, itinerant minister, church planter, senior pastor and published author ​of The Basics in 21 Days ​with his wife, Micah Joy Williams. He also has the privilege of working for Dr. Randy Clark's ministry school, Global School of Supernatural Ministry ​ and is the lead pastor of Convergence Center in Mechanicsburg, PA​. His desire is to make a lasting difference with the love and power of God.