Dr. Marilyn Hickey

MHickey Large

An energetic and optimistic 86-year-young scholar and minister, Marilyn is arguably unparalleled in her quest to “Bridge-the-Nations” in seeking peace with all people groups and cultures. She is a respected inter-faith speaker and one of the most sought-out Bible teachers in the world. She has traveled to 136 countries so far in her efforts to find common-ground for people of different cultures, faiths, and governments.

As founder and president of Marilyn Hickey Ministries, a non-profit ministry and humanitarian organization based in Denver, Colorado, Marilyn has impacted many countries worldwide; from disaster relief efforts in Haiti, Indonesia, and Pakistan to providing food for the hungry in Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, and the Philippines. Her legacy includes significant visits to Islamic countries, including Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt and beyond.

She also co-hosts the daily television program which is broadcasted globally. Today with Marilyn and Sarah is shown in nearly 200 countries with a potential viewing audience of 2.5 billion households worldwide.
Marilyn has also authored over 100 publications with much more to come. Marilyn’s greatest passion and desire is to continue being a bridge-builder in countries around the world, and she shows no signs of stopping.

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