Dr. Randy Clark

randy clark_largeAt a young age, Randy Clark was miraculously healed from injuries he sustained in a car accident. At that time, he dedicated his life to ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit. After being a pastor for many years, he traveled to a conference in 1994 that was originally scheduled for 4 days. The conference later became known as the "Toronto Blessing," a worldwide revival that impacted millions.

Now an international speaker, Randy travels the world demonstrating the Lord's sovereign power to heal. He also has gifting for teaching and education. In December of 2013, he received his doctorate from United Theological Seminary, an ATS accredited seminary connected to the United Methodist denomination. Dr. Clark is an adjunct professor at both United Theological Seminary in Ohio, and Regent Divinity School in Virginia Beach, VA.

Randy has over thirty years of pastoral experience, and his message is clear and simple: "God wants to use you."

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