COVID-19 Policies and procedures

Your safety is a top priority for us. We value and appreciate each of our attendees, and it is our desire to keep things as clean and safe as possible for each of our guests. For the foreseeable future, we will be following the state-required COVID guidelines at each event we host. Please review the information below to see what regulations are in place for our conferences.


  • We will have one main entrance and we will be taking temperatures at the door.
  • Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 F or higher will be asked to return home and contact us.
  • For anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, we will be offering refunds or free streaming of the event live. 


Our registration process will be as contactless as possible.  

  • We will have kiosks set up with tables so you can check yourself in.
  • Tablets will be sanitized after each use. 
  • You will pick up your name badge at a table (6+ feet wide). Kindly wait for a staff member to place your name on your badge, then set it on the edge of the table before you approach to receive it. 
  • We will have green and red stickers, which will be put onto the attendee name badges. 
  • If you choose a green sticker for your name tag, then you are okay with physical greetings (handshakes, etc.) & hands-on prayer. 
  • If you choose a red sticker for your name tag, then you're asking that no one touch you and others respect their physical boundaries. 

Social Distancing and Masks

  • Regarding masks and social distancing, each event's requirements will be based on the host church's preferences, state regulations, and vulnerability of attendees. We want to honor the host church leadership and protect our most vulnerable attendees.
  • We are requiring masks for Voice of the Apostles and Kingdom Foundations Des Moines. 


  • Please expect corporate prayer from the stage, as well as optional hands-on ministry.
  • It is our goal to provide an excellent ministry experience while respecting health and safety guidelines. 

Letter From Dr. Randy Clark

Greetings Global Family,

I am excited to be with you soon at our upcoming conference, Kingdom Foundations in Des Moines, IA. This is our second event since March. We successfully hosted an event last month in Woodbridge, VA (our annual Voice of the Apostles event). 

As much as I have enjoyed spending time resting in the Lord, studying His word, writing books, reconnecting with family, and ministering virtually online, there is something special about gathering as a family of believers in the same room. First, it is much easier to bless what the Father is doing when one can see the manifestations of His presence on an individual. Second, there seems to be an increased anointing present when two or more are gathered, praying, and worshipping together, in His name.

I am very excited about what God is going to do at our Kingdom Foundations event! That said, this year, as you well know, has been quite unusual, requiring adjustments to some of our standard operating procedures. Unfortunately, like most things during an election year, these decisions (whether by local, state, federal, or church government) have become politicized. Some of us have opinions regarding the requirement to wear a face covering (mask, shield, etc.) that have resulted in hotly contested political debates. I am familiar with (indeed, I am family to) people who are—passionately—on differing sides of this debate. Because of this, I thought it best to write a brief letter detailing our ministry’s expectations of this year’s attendees and an explanatory word about those expectations.

We will be requiring the use of approved face coverings (e.g., masks or shields) at our Des Moines event. If you are unable to wear one or prefer not to, we understand and ask that you participate in the experience virtually this year. To be clear, we are not asking you to wear a face covering out of fear, a desire to control you, or to silence you; rather, we are asking those in attendance to wear one out of honor. The city of Des Moines and the Marriott staff have asked us to wear a face covering, and we want to honor their guidelines—similar to Paul’s instructions to the believers in Rome. 

Further, we feel compelled by love to look after the most vulnerable within our community. I’ve personally known friends and acquaintances (some old, some not—but all passionate sprit-filled believers who understood the healing power of the atonement) that have unfortunately died from this virus. As Christians we must balance the tension between the Kingdom of God that was inaugurated in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the full manifestation that is to come with his return. Paul’s entire ministry to the Galatians is rooted in a physical ailment he suffered that sidetracked his initial missionary voyage. And yet, even while his “condition was a trial to” them, they did not “scorn or despise” him. Instead, they received his teaching of a new freedom through Christ, a new way of living as a new type of family. A family that is called to humble service through love. The Spirit of God was transforming the hearts and minds of a community through Paul’s display of power and preaching, juxtaposed, as it were, against the reality of Paul’s physical sickness.

As a healing ministry, we believe God can and does—often—heal. We believe that through Christ’s death and resurrection, sickness (just like sin) was defeated. We have spent over 25 years training and equipping the saints to pray for healing and deliverance, to much gain. Scores of thousands of testimonies are credited to the faithful “little ole’ me’s” who dutifully stick out their hand, trusting Jesus, and say, “Come Holy Spirit.” And every one of them, just like me, has their own agony stories. The ones that were not healed. The dead that were not raised. It is the mystery and—oftentimes—the heavy burden we must bear as Spirit-filled believers.

Lastly, I note that our actions have consequences. If we do not take care of our body, it suffers. We can pray for a supernatural reduction of our blood pressure and cholesterol—despite a penchant for a daily intake of fast food, or we can seek to make wise choices regarding diet and exercise. And though I have seen God heal the lungs of habitual smokers, my back suffers when I do not do my daily exercises. God desires us to make good choices that positively affect our whole being. We feel that taking extra precautions this year in light of the virus is a good choice. It honors those in authority over us and allows us to humble ourselves in loving sacrifice to those most vulnerable amongst us—our brothers and sisters.

I pray that you, like the Galatians, do not scorn or despise us for these conditions, though undoubtedly they will be a trial to some of you; rather, I hope that, also like the Galatians, the Spirit would be so manifest in our meetings that our love for one another would outshine any political or ideological differences. We are citizens of a new kingdom. Jesus Christ, our Messiah, is Lord!

Grace and peace to you,

Dr. Randy Clark