COVID-19 Policies and procedures

Your safety is a top priority for us. We value and appreciate each of our attendees, and it is our desire to keep things as clean and safe as possible for each of our guests. For the foreseeable future, we will be following the state-required COVID guidelines at each event we host. Please review the information below to see what regulations are in place for our conferences.


  • We will have one main entrance and we will be taking temperatures at the door.
  • Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 F or higher will be asked to return home and contact us.
  • For anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, we will be offering refunds or free streaming of the event live. 


Our registration process will be as contactless as possible.  

  • We will have kiosks set up with tables so you can check yourself in.
  • Tablets will be sanitized after each use. 
  • You will pick up your name badge at a table (6+ feet wide). Kindly wait for a staff member to place your name on your badge, then set it on the edge of the table before you approach to receive it. 
  • We will have green and red stickers, which will be put onto the attendee name badges. 
  • If you choose a green sticker for your name tag, then you are okay with physical greetings (handshakes, etc.) & hands-on prayer. 
  • If you choose a red sticker for your name tag, then you're asking that no one touch you and others respect their physical boundaries. 

Social Distancing and Masks

  • Regarding masks and social distancing, each event's requirements will be based on the host church's preferences, state regulations, and vulnerability of attendees. We want to honor the host church leadership and protect our most vulnerable attendees.
  • At this time we anticipate requiring masks for Voice of the Apostles, Kingdom Foundations Pella, and Kingdom Foundations Mechanicsburg. 


  • Please expect corporate prayer from the stage, as well as optional hands-on ministry.
  • It is our goal to provide an excellent ministry experience while respecting health and safety guidelines.